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Telling Your Story

…and telling it with Panache!

PR with Panache! builds and expands education brands by sparking imaginations and creating interest, and stories are the pathway in. People don’t simply buy a product, solution, or idea; they buy the meaning attached to it, distilling relevance and creating change.

Public Relations are simply this: positive storytelling through traditional and social media. When PR is an integrated component of your customer strategy, brand building and selling efforts, you earn an extraordinary return on investment. A consistent, authentic story—repeated and repeated—is key to maximizing your marketing dollars and impact.

We help companies create trusted connections and share authentic, relevant stories so audiences share information with others. Complex material doesn’t faze us: We relish the opportunity to immerse ourselves into the background information and contribute strategic counsel at every phase of the process.

PR with Panache! is a full-service PR/marketing agency with a clearly defined mission—to tell the stories of companies and schools making a difference in education. Over the past 20 years, Sue Hanson, Principal at PR with Panache! has counseled hundreds of companies to create movements and generate brand awareness, sales and positive change. Their results bring credence to the belief that storytelling is the best way to inspire an audience to connect with a brand.