Strategic Storytelling

The Strategy Behind Building & Telling Your Story

Even the best story will fall on deaf ears if the proper strategic planning has not been performed. Our strategic work covers:

  • Primary Research – qualitative and quantitative
  • Secondary Research
  • Market Penetration Plans, reaching the right audience
  • Online/Social Media Strategy
  • Media Research & Planning
  • Thought Leadership Opportunities
  • Working within your budget

A solid strategic plan to build and/or tell your story will not only promote the success of an initiative, but it will also reduce the likelihood of many common marketing failures.

Yet even the best plan can be wasted time, if it is not brought to life with stories that touch audiences and stimulate them to action. Our experienced team understands story building and creative thinking, as well as what it takes to make an impact on the varying audiences within the Education World. PRP views integrated public relations and its creative branding approach not just as the integration of best practices under one roof, but as a multi-disciplinary collaboration as well.

Gone are the days when PR, marketing and sales teams live separate lives, their collaboration is key to ensuring success from initial strategy to deployment.

Telling Your Story

…and telling it with Panache! PR with Panache! builds and expands education brands by sparking imaginations and creating interest, and stories are the pathway in. People don’t simply buy a product, solution, or idea; they buy the meaning attached to it, distilling relevance and creating change. Public Relations are simply this: positive storytelling through traditional …

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