About Us

panache (p nash’) n. [Fr.]. style; flair; verve; confident; dashing!

Panache is what adds interest to a story. It’s what makes people remember what they heard and tell other people about it. It’s what you want in your public relations campaigns. And it’s what PR with Panache! has delivered for more than 20 years.

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, PR with Panache! specializes in working with businesses that serve the K-12 education market. We are recognized throughout the industry for our dedication, enthusiasm and ability to position companies as leaders in their categories.

There are many public relations firms focused on education but only one that has the passion, experience and, of course, panache, we do. While our industry-specific knowledge is invaluable, and our long-standing relationships with the education media are beneficial, what really sets PR with Panache! apart is our remarkably relationship-oriented and attentive approach to working with our clients.

Bespoke public relations – with panache!

PR with Panache! is guided by a set of core values that ensure we deliver exceptional work that exceeds expectations time and time again.

  • Wake up, everyday, ready to work hard, smile big, and make someone else’s day just a little better.
  • Always do and deliver more than is expected. Dazzle yourself and your clients.
  • Treat every client, media contact and person you work with as a friend. Take the time to nurture these relationships.
  • Be inquisitive. Try new ideas. Push boundaries. Think creatively.
  • Value the ideas, input and contributions of co-workers, clients and partners.


With these values as a foundation, PR with Panache! takes an integrated, custom approach to every public relations strategy we develop. There is no one-size-fits-all solution – or at least not one that will deliver the kind of results you want. Your company, your goals, and your story are unique. PR with Panache! recognizes that and formulates a customized approach for each client.

We have the talent and panache to make our client’s businesses vibrant, memorable and respected. Our clients are the most sought after thought leaders in the education space and we take pride in our ability to keep them top of mind in the industry.

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