edtechwomenBy Sue Hanson, PR with Panache!

This year PR with Panache! is shining the spotlight on two outstanding women during this year’s annual TCEA Conference in Austin, Texas:  Dr. Karen Billings, Vice President, ETIN and Jean Seok, CEO, Learningpod.

Being humble, Karen would never tout all of her successes, so we want to recognize her for her more than 40 years of experience and hard work in the industry.

As vice president and managing director of the Education Technology Industry Network (ETIN)— a division of the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA)—Karen drives strategic direction, programs and initiatives for the division and its 185 company members focused on the K-12 and higher education markets. While in this position, she has developed and implemented the Innovation Incubator Program, the Vision K-20 Initiative, the One-to-One Business Connections, and produced numerous webinars, conferences, and market reports to support the education members she serves.

PR with Panache! is gathering other industry thought leaders and colleagues to honor Dr. Billings on Wed., Feb 4 at the TCEA Annual Conference in Austin, Texas.

PR with Panache! is also thrilled to have Jean Seok, CEO of Learningpod, join us in our by annual PR with Panache! “Meeting of the Minds” media suite at TCEA. Jean is also a strong ed-tech leader who would never draw attention to all of her outstanding accomplishments, so we’ll do that for her!

Jean leads the charge at Learningpod, an online platform that offers more than 50,000 free, high-quality practice questions for K-12 and higher education. Most people don’t know that Jean successfully spun Learningpod Inc. off from Kaplan Test Prep.

At Kaplan, she was the executive director of UX and the product owner for LSAT-On-Demand. Prior to this, she directed user experience/design at a number of technology startups, including Six Apart and Fotolog. She also was the frontend developer for the Media That Matters Film Festival, winner of best nonprofit website at SxSW.

Come meet Jean at the PR with Panache! “Meeting of the Minds” Media Suite on Wednesday, Feb 4 and/or Thursday, Feb 5 at the Austin Hilton meeting room 602.

Ron Reed, Executive Producer, SXSWedu, and Kathy Hurley, Former EVP Pearson Foundation and Industry Consultant, were also honored at previous PR with Panache! Thought leadership Soirée’s held at TCEA.

A savvy and well-respected PR professional, Sue Hanson approaches every campaign with fresh insight, up-to-the-minute trend awareness and the latest influencer outreach strategies. With 20+ years of industry experience, Sue connects clients to national trends and creates compelling media stories, which lead to resounding success. From her beginnings as a classroom teacher to launching PR with Panache!, Sue’s determination to exceed expectations has led the company to a leadership position in the public relations arena. Her strengths in every facet of PR and her raw, honest approach create a rewarding, refreshing approach to client-media relations. PR with Panache! (PRP) is a bold, fast-moving public relations and media-marketing agency for the education marketplace, launched the “PR with Panache! Thought Leadership Soirée 3 years ago to showcase the contributions of extraordinary individuals in the field of education.

myON logoSource: Language Magazine 

Todd Brekhus, president of myON, extols the benefits of students developing their own personal digital libraries

Making literacy more personal to kids, especially to second-language learners, begins with providing learners with their own personal libraries. It’s hard to think about literacy without a library of great content and great books. So, when a student is able to have his or her own personal library — especially one that’s digital, with an array of books at their fingertips for fast access — that’s a strong and positive beginning. Students are able to open up and read books they’re interested in, books at their level. Digital books now have the capability for authentic audio recording, so the students can hear how a word sounds as they are reading.

Research shows that having access to a personalized library of content that’s matched to and fit for individual students is paramount. Second to that is the opportunity students have to connect with the books they read, and thus the skills of reading, in new and innovative ways. There must be different tools and resources available to students as they are reading a book to help them with comprehension or to take more ownership of their learning by having the ability to check their own reading growth. For example, having access to digital books allows for short quizzes and exercises at the end of a book to help students make more immediate and direct connection to what they are reading and learning.

Technology affords these and other new tools to deepen learners’ reading abilities and their knowledge of content. Tools such as highlighters or note-taking icons that allow students to write “inside of the books” can turn these digital books into a student’s own personal copy. These notes are how they learn and retain more information — no two notes in a book are the same. So each time they go back to the book and read those notes, images pop up in their minds, a layered understanding of a book that grows each time students review their notes. The idea that this large space of a digital library can become personal to a student and contain a variety of content across different genres or types — fiction or nonfiction — opens up a whole new world for each one of them.

Then there are the opportunities for collaborative learning. The latest technological tools in digital books allow students to share their notes with classmates and teachers, encouraging continued collaboration among learners and educators that extends well beyond class and the school day. This extends to the home, with students’ families and with their communities.

Non-Fiction Content

Reading nonfiction content is also critical to foster a love of reading and learning.

When we think about learning to read, we often think about hearing great stories and characters. We may also think of picture books we read as kids, or the rhyming books or the simple, beginner books. But the reality is that kids are curious, especially young kids. They’re curious about and interested in things that are true and real: things that crawl; things that have weird looks; the way the weather works; the way our geography is; all kinds of facts. By tapping into their spirit of inquiry, nonfiction works open up a range of personal learning opportunities for early readers.

Nonfiction content can be presented as picture books, or as graphic novels, or in other engaging ways to make intriguing content come alive for kids. Such presentation is especially important in deepening levels of understanding and comprehension in subjects like history, social studies, and STEM.

Learning Ownership

A really important resource for students who read with digital books is the ability to see and measure their reading growth. As they read and learn more, they can watch the bar graph continue climbing. In this gaming age, kids care about leveling up, about doing better. They are interested in how they’re doing, and to measure their success, they need access to support and adjustment tools, similar to those we use today in education. Watching their own graphs rise is incredibly uplifting for kids and truly spurs them on to continue. It encourages them to take ownership of their reading and overall learning. And research shows that motivated learners read more frequently and for longer periods of time. That’s powerful.

One of the beliefs behind myON is that students should take ownership of their learning. The personal growth chart is essential for every student to be able to see their own growth and their own trajectory toward growth. They can share this success with their families. Obviously, our main focus is providing the right content for the right kids. We’ve been growing our ever-expanding library of digital books, recently hitting 8,000 titles, in order to appeal to all types of readers, ages three to 18. The importance here, again, is choice. Every child has a personal digital library of content matched to his or her interests, levels of books, and reading ability.

It offers choice, the ability to personalize a digital book with a student’s own notes, and the opportunity for learners to share and collaborate with their peers and teachers, while tracking and measuring their own success in reading and learning.

We’re also advancing the system to be more of a literacy tool to partner with students for them to dive deeper into literacy and to make literacy very personal for them — creating their own vocabulary lists, letting them see their own personal vocabulary growth, letting them see their own highlights and texts. This lets students better articulate their ideas around a text. And that’s where we’re heading in the future: to expand the personal aspects of literacy when it comes to more than just reading but also includes writing, listening, and speaking.

Advancing ELLs

It becomes even more necessary for English language learners (ELLs) to have access to a personalized literacy environment, as the challenge with most second-language learners is that they haven’t had exposure to much oral-reading fluency, like native speakers. Without a strong connection to oral reading and the oral tradition of the English language, it’s difficult for a student to connect with reading and even more difficult to master the ability to read fluently.

Vocabulary is another area where second-language learners often struggle. That’s why audio capabilities in digital books are critical to this group; giving a student the choice to have books read aloud to them if need be is critical. The student can hear the book read aloud and then can read the book over and over again. In many cases, learners can even hear books written in their native languages.

Research shows that access to digital books can accelerate reading growth over time. ELL students and beginning readers shouldn’t be limited on how many times they can read or share a book with another student. Digital books don’t limit readers. There are no check-in or check-out limits. Multiple students can read the same book at the same time. They can share notes and thoughts across devices. Students with web-enabled devices can download books with simple access to the internet. Technology makes it easier to gain access to books and to have tools to ease second-language learners into reading, which is something that can be very intimidating. With technology-driven books and tools, these students now feel emboldened.

Technology has truly transformed how students can read, which is underscored even further for ELLs. The technology tools that students have access to, in addition to having digital content and audio narration, have made reading much easier than it was in the past. myON is working with a school in Turkey where a student read 200 books with the system. He saw his scores go through the roof. The next year, he jumped three levels in his Oxford University book and scored higher on other reading tests, progress that may have been much slower reading print books. So, there are a lot of opportunities for self-learning which can clearly impact students who are driven to want to read, read better on their own, and have a personalized reading experience without waiting for someone to teach them.

The key is to move ELL students forward in reading centers through the process of collaboration. A digital system personalized for students creates new models for sharing and encourages collaboration for learners as they seek to find out what each other is interested in. By reading books together and sharing their thoughts on information learned from reading or listening to books, the learning process becomes enhanced through the shared experience. When the teacher assigns the same book, students can share their highlights, drawings, and notes from the text, allowing a small group or an entire class to see ideas collaboratively. This scenario creates a truly dynamic system that fosters literacy growth and allows ideas to flow freely.

Teaching reading to students — whether they are emerging readers, English language learners, or older beginning readers — is not easy. However, technology has made it much easier than in the past, both for the teacher and the learner.

ELL teachers and support staff can benefit from the following.

Find great reading content — If teachers can provide every one of their students 500 or more books at their levels, books that students are interested in, they are off to a great start. This is where technology is key. A library of digital books can help teachers customize reading lists for every student in the class, or for reading groups. But the content has to be vast, diverse, and personal for the students to grab their attention and interest.

Audio with text — Ideally, if every one of those books could have human-recorded audio with text highlighting to go along with that audio, that is powerful.

Let students monitor their growth — All kids want to improve, especially second-language learners, and they need to see if they are getting better so they can continue to self-grow. Providing students with tools to monitor and measure their own growth while they’re reading will allow everyone to see their improvement.

Collaboration — Being able to collaborate with classmates and peers and being able to share and connect through a book is a motivator for students and a great way to personalize literacy by using technology.

Embrace what technology can bring to reading instruction — Technology-based reading systems with extensive digital libraries and supportive tools can be a great companion for a librarian or a teacher’s personal librarian. If teachers, librarians, and other staff embrace these systems and what they can offer, there’s no limit to how they can use them to help students excel.

Technology has afforded us, in education, the ability to have a fluent oral reading of English-language texts and a confident approach to text — to read it, listen to it, hear it, and repeat the words and the language. It’s an exciting time for students to have unlimited access to these digital tools as they approach reading and literacy.

Todd Brekhus is an educational leader devoted to introducing innovative technologies to educators and administrators. As president of myON, a division of Capstone, he has developed a personalized literacy platform with more than 8,000 digital texts that support more than five million students in literacy education. Brekhus’s vision for myON is to provide unlimited access to an unprecedented wealth of digital content so every student can read any book at any time. The creation of myON allows teachers to personalize literacy instruction to provide students with amazing content at every level. Brekhus also developed programs such as MarcoPolo for MCI WorldCom and served as president and COO of Learning Elements and vice president and chief marketing officer of PLATO Learning.







Collaboration between Agile’s multi-channel marketing offering and PRP’s newly launched Convert! combine forces to increase impact of client marketing efforts

Agile Education Marketing, a leading provider of education information and marketing services and award winning PR with Panache! (PRP) are pleased to announce their strategic lead engagement partnership. Through this partnership, both firms will have the ability to offer clients new, innovative solutions for engaging potential customers and taking their prospecting efforts “beyond the lead”.

Today’s successful education businesses don’t just communicate with prospects about their products, they engage in meaningful conversations about the issues that drive educators to search for solutions, in the process becoming trusted partners and indispensible resources long before a purchase is made. However, this is not as easy as it may sound.

The newly formed partnership combines the best of two worlds in the education industry, bringing the forward thinking marketing minds of the Agile team together with the deep public relations and communications expertise of the PRP team, creating a first of its kind offering within the education market place.

Convert!, powered by PR with Panache! is the perfect fit with Agile’s existing services,” said Jenny Schumacher, Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Agile. “Agile has always been highly effective at generating leads for education businesses. Now, through our partnership with PR with Panache!, we’re able to help companies nurture those leads through the sales funnel and really increase overall engagement.”

“We could not be more excited about this partnership and the services we are able to offer to clients. Forming this partnership provides our clients with the tools, expertise and support of both firms, ensuring that every marketing dollar spent leads not only to sales, but to converting decision makers into trusted allies and brand ambassadors,” said Sue Hanson, founder and managing partner at PR with Panache!.

Through a unique combination of proven and innovative tactics, this partnership will help companies generate leads, more effectively engage those leads, and better guide them through the buying cycle.

For more information about this partnership, please visit online here.

For more information about Convert!, please visit PRP online here.

For more information about Agile Education Marketing, please visit them online here.

About Agile Education Marketing

Founded in 2009, Agile Education Marketing is an innovative education marketing services firm that supports the marketing initiatives of businesses selling products and services to schools. Agile provides a robust database of early childhood, K-12 and higher education mailing and email lists along with unique opportunities to engage with educators through webinars, digital advertising, content marketing, and more. Using Agile’s highly targeted marketing services, knowledge and insight, education businesses improve their marketing results and maximize their marketing investments. For more information about Agile and their partners, visit www.agile-ed.com.

prpsmalllogoBreak out the martini glasses – PR with Panache’s third annual Thought Leadership Soirée is almost here!

On Wednesday, Feb. 4, PRP will host one of TCEA’s most anticipated networking events to showcase the contributions of extraordinary individuals in the field of education.

We will tip our glasses to this year’s guest of honor, Dr. Karen Billings, vice president and managing director of the Education Technology Industry Network (ETIN)— a division of the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA)thinker

Throughout Karen’s career, her innovation and commitment to education & EdTech have had significant impact within SIIA’s membership and the industry as a whole. She will join the illustrious company of our previous award recipients:

*2014 Honoree: Kathy Hurley, former EVP Pearson Foundation and Industry Consultant

*Inaugural Honoree: Ron Reed, Executive Producer, SXSWedu

The event will be held from 5-6 p.m. in Salon B of the Austin Hilton, conveniently located across the street from the TCEA exhibit hall. If you’d like to join us, please RSVP as soon as possible to Sue Hanson at sue@prwithpanache.com.

myoncwSelect National Geographic Kids digital books now available

myON, a business unit of Capstone, has added digital books from National Geographic Kids, one of the largest nonprofit scientific and educational institutions in the world, to myON’s online, personalized literacy environment, which now boasts titles from over 60 different publishers.

With the addition of National Geographic Kids, myON provides a broader wealth of resources around geography, archaeology and natural science to schools nationwide using myON. The 30 titles, which will be accessible by the end of January, are geared toward further engaging middle school students in reading, and include, among others, “Stubby the War Dog,” “Spies of the Mississippi” and “How to Get Rich on a Texas Cattle Drive.”

“We are so excited to add digital books from National Geographic Kids to our ever-expanding library of digital content,” said Todd Brekhus, the president of myON. “Because of their unique and deep understanding of what educators and students need, National Geographic Kids is seen as one of the premium publishers in education today. Each of these books will engage and inspire students to explore the world around them, helping them further develop their lifelong love for reading in the process.”

With its addition of titles to myON, National Geographic Kids has become the newest member of the myON Publisher Program. Launched in May 2011, the program provides an opportunity for publishers to add their content to the personalized literacy environment offered by myON. Since its inception, more than 60 publishers have joined the program, bringing the platforms offerings to over 8,000 enhanced digital books, creating an all encompassing, personalized learning environment for students.

For a full list of the titles that will be available from National Geographic Kids, visit http://www.thefutureinreading.myon.com and search “National Geographic.”

About myON

myON, a business unit of Capstone is a personalized digital literacy environment that creates collaborative learning opportunities. myON expands the classroom for teachers and students by providing unlimited access to the largest collection of more than 8,000 enhanced digital books with multimedia supports, real-time assessments and close reading tools. myON empowers students and teachers with real-time, actionable data—number and type of books opened and read, time spent reading, results of regular benchmark assessments, and more—based on embedded Lexile assessments that measure student reading growth. With myON, every student experiences the benefits of personalized literacy instruction to propel them to new and unlimited opportunities

OdysseywareOW logo, a leading provider of online, multimedia-enriched K-12 curriculum, and Northwest Evaluation AssociationTM (NWEATM), a leader in computer adaptive assessments that measure academic growth independent of grade, today announced a partnership that will pave the way for the delivery of dynamic, individualized learning paths later this year. 

The partnership will allow educators to leverage the power of NWEA’s Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) assessment data together with targeted OW ELA and Math lessons. The result will be dynamically generated, data-informed learning paths that can be even further customized to meet the needs of each student.

“Odysseyware is a true innovator in K-12 blended learning,” said Matt Chapman, president and CEO of NWEA. “We are excited to bring the power of MAP data to refine and target learning for students and teachers.”

“We are thrilled to partner with such an esteemed organization as NWEA,” said Beth Te Grotenhuis, the president of Odysseyware and CEO of its parent company, Glynlyon. “The assessment data NWEA brings to the table will be ideal for helping educators maximize their use of Odysseyware’s strong portfolio of ELA and math content. We are excited to incorporate this integration into our tools for blended learning, course customization and RTI.”

About Odysseyware

Headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, Odysseyware is an innovative, multimedia-enriched online curriculum. Completely web-based, Odysseyware provides 21st century educational solutions by offering the core subjects of history and geography, math, language arts, and science along with enriching electives, CTE, placement testing, diagnostics and professional development. This curriculum is sold directly through regional education specialists. To learn more, visit http://odysseyware.com/ or call 877-795-8904.

About Northwest Evaluation Association™ 

Founded by educators nearly 40 years ago, Northwest Evaluation Association™ (NWEA™) is a global not-for-profit educational services organization known for our flagship interim assessment, Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®). More than 7,400 partners in U.S. school districts, education agencies, and international schools trust us to offer pre-kindergarten through grade 12 assessments that accurately measure student growth and learning needs, professional development that fosters educators’ ability to accelerate student learning, and research that supports assessment validity and informed policy. To better inform instruction and maximize every learner’s academic growth, educators currently use NWEA assessments and items with nearly 10 million students. Learn more at www.nwea.org.


Source: EdNET Insight – She Snoops for Scoops

PR with Panache! (PRP) welcomes Machele Stefhon as the firm’s director of its new division, Convert! Through Convert!, Machele will focus on helping clients achieve significant and lasting improvements to their marketing effectiveness and business.

Machele brings more than 24 years of experience in the education industry to her new role, most recently serving as head of global strategic content marketing at Promethean. She also worked as the strategic education marketing director for Scantron/Spectrum K12 School Solutions and as an elementary administrator and special education teacher for the Denton (TX) Independent School District.

With the launch of Convert!, PRP expands its depth of services to include even more strategic lead engagement consulting and implementation services, and the team is thrilled to have Machele on board to work with them! Send her your own congratulations on joining the awesome PRP team at Machele@prwithpanache.com.

To read “She Snoops for Scoops – The Personal Side of the EdNET Community” article in full, please click here.

PR with Panache! (PRP), the award-winning, Minnesota-based PR firm, focused on the education marketplace, is proud to welcome Machele Stefhon as the firm’s director of its new division, Convert!.

Through Convert!, Ms. Stefhon will focus on helping clients achieve significant and lasting improvements to their marketing effectiveness and business.

“Machele is the right senior strategist to lead Convert! for PRP,” said Sue Hanson, PRP’s founder and managing principal. “Through her expertise and industry knowledge, Convert! will provide even more unique advantages to PRP’s clients.”

Ms. Stefhon brings more than 24 years of experience in the education industry, to her new role, most recently serving as head of global strategic content marketing at Promethean. Ms. Stefhon also worked as the strategic education marketing director for Scantron/Spectrum K12 School Solutions and as an elementary administrator and special education teacher for the Denton (TX) Independent School District.

“I’m very excited to bring Convert’s new services to PRP’s family of clients and the K12 ed-tech industry as a whole,” said Stefhon. “I couldn’t be more thrilled to embark on this new adventure with Sue and Jacob Hanson and their team.”

With the launch of Convert!, PRP expands its depth of services to include even more strategic lead engagement consulting and implementation services.

“PRP and Convert! remain committed to helping our clients make meaningful connections, stay vibrant and memorable as we help them build profitable relationships,” said Ms. Hanson. “We take pride in positioning our clients to remain top of mind in the industry and Machele will only further this momentum and enhance our vision.”

For more information about Machele Stefhon, visit the PRP Storyteller’s page . To learn more about PR with Panache!, and see how they can help you tell your story, visit www.prwithpanache.com.

About PR with Panache!

panache (p nash’) n. [Fr.]. style; flair; verve; confidant; dashing!

PR with Panache! is a bold, fast-moving public relations and media marketing agency for the education marketplace with an international reputation for smart, entrepreneurial communications, content marketing, product publicity and brand awareness. Our success is built on the achievements of our clients. Our team consistently delivers explosive results. We speak the right language as we expand client brands, support PR and marketing or launch new products through long-established media relationships.


GuideK12 reaches one-million student milestone with addition of largest district in Alabama

Mobile County Public Schools, the largest school district in Alabama, serves over 58,000 students in 90 schools and magnet programs. A district of this size has a lot of moving parts and complexity for administrators to analyze and understand.

Mobile County administrators selected GuideK12™ because it will allow them to visualize their district on a map while combining student and county data for real time scenario planning and analysis by district leaders.

Complexity in the decision making process continues to increase for all districts, so more and more are looking for solutions like GuideK12 to provide a quicker, more accurate way to make the right decisions for their students and communities alike. GuideK12’s geovisual analytics will allow Mobile County Public Schools to see their data with a new lens for boundary analysis, program placement, resource placement, emergency planning, and proactive decision-making. The ability to visualize and interact with disparate data sets on a map allows administrators to get instant results and feedback in order to be more proactive, efficient and transparent.

Mobile County administrators made the decision to move forward with the implementation of GuideK12’s platform through the company’s partnership with SRC Solutions, the district’s Registration Gateway solution.  Being familiar with the full suite of GuideK12 products, SRC Solutions brought GuideK12 to Mobile County Public School administrators as a tool that would help them meet their decision-making needs moving forward.

“We appreciate when our trusted solution providers bring a valuable new tool that they have come across. The industry, as well as the needs of our students are constantly changing making the need for solutions like GuideK12 even more valuable. We are excited about how GuideK12 will empower our district leaders with better analytic tools and look forward to seeing results once we dig deep into the platform,” said David K. Akridge, executive manager of Information Technology.

“We are proud to welcome Mobile County Public Schools to the GuideK12 family. They are a leader in the state of Alabama and I applaud their innovative approach to finding technology tools that enable deeper insights, better dialogue between stakeholders and more data driven decision-making,” said GuideK12 CEO Chuck Amos. “With the addition of Mobile County Public Schools to the districts we serve, our platform now supports more than 1 million students nationwide. This is an important milestone for us. Having partners like MCPS and SRC are incredibly valuable relationships for us and we look forward to working with them all moving forward.”

To learn more about GuideK12™ and Geovisual analytics for education, go to www.GuideK12.com or to schedule a demonstration contact Julie@Guidek12.com

About GuideK12™:

Based in Minnesota, GuideK12LLC is a geovisual analytics software company. By visualizing information spatially, decisions on everything from boundary analysis to policy changes to resource planning and forecasting enrollments can be faster and more effective. GuideK12™ has been the proud recipient of many industry leading awards: Selected as a 2013 finalist for SIIA’s education CODiE awards for Best K-12 Enterprise solution; NSBA Innovative Showcase Company ( 1 of 6); EdTech Digest “Cool Tool.”

Winner for Best District Data Solution; and one of the Top Products of 2012 by DA Magazine. GuideK12™ serves large metro, suburban and rural school districts throughout the United Sates. It is owned by private investors and a private investment group based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. For more about GuideK12™, please visit: www.guidek12.com

Source: THE Journal

NaikuAssessment software provider Naiku has launched a $250,000 grant program for innovative teachers and teacher teams.

The grants will be awarded in the spring and throughout the 2015-2016 school year and “are designed to support innovative teachers and teacher teams in utilizing learner-centric assessment practices in the classroom to differentiate instruction and personalize learning for all students,” according to a news release. Topics covered by the grant include “research-proven and learner-centric classroom assessment practices such as self-assessment, goal-setting, student reflection, bi-directional feedback, adaptive learning resources and more in a standards-based classroom.”

Grant winners will receive professional development from a psychometrician focused on next-generation assessment practices and a one-year subscription to Naiku’s assessment software.

Individual teacher awards, dubbed Innovative Teacher Grants, will be awarded monthly, with 100 up for grabs over the period of the program. The Teacher Team School Grants, for teams of teachers, will support an entire school, allowing any teams within the school to use the resources provided by the grants. Thirty Teacher Team School Grants will be awarded as part of the initiative beginning April 30.

“Naiku’s mission is to support teachers in accelerating learning for all students — in any subject and grade — through better assessment,” said Greg Wright, CEO at Naiku, in a prepared statement. “We hope these grants of professional development and software tools aid teachers in their goal of supporting all students in a learner-centric environment.”

For more information, or to apply for a grant, visit naiku.net/grants.