School Library Journal: Grants, Scholarships, and Competitions

Source: School Library Journal In early December, myON, creator of personalized literacy environments for pre-K–grade 12, announced that nominations are now open for the Second Annual Legends in Literacy Awards. The awards will recognize one individual and one team for their work and

edSurge: When Vendors and Districts Collaborate on Professional Development

Source: edSurge For the past year, Omaha Public Schools (OPS) has instituted change through the adoption of a new Strategic Plan and by passing the largest bond issue in Nebraska history. New leadership has been working diligently to create comprehensive initiatives that utilize techn

SmartBlog on Education: 3 tips to bolster expansion of school-support programs

Source: SmartBlog on Education After school — as well as many in-school support programs — often face a critical challenge early on in their development: How can schools expand their services to meet student and school demand while still keeping the “back-office” as small as possible?

EdTech Times: Q&A with Joel Jacobson, co-founder of Defined Learning

Source: EdTechTimes EdTech Times spoke with Joel Jacobson, co-founder of Defined Learning – a startup that’s developing application, Defined STEM, enabling students to make connections between STEM classroom content and career pathways. The application is also useful for the teachers

EdNET Insight: Anticipating and Responding to the Changing Needs of Education

Source: EdNET Insight Beth Te Grotenhuis, President of Odysseyware and CEO of Glynlyon — Friday, December 12, 2014 “A rolling stone can gather no moss.”  – Publilius Syrus Nearly three decades working in education have shown me that our industry can be both cyclical and re

IdeaMensch: Robert Baker – Co-founder of Mac to School

Source: IdeaMensch Robert Baker is the co-founder of Mac to School. He has worked in the Apple industry for 15+ years. With a broad base of experience as a hardware technician, software consultant and sales manager, he helps customers and others navigate the Apple ecosystem. Born and

Tech & Learning: Girls Thinking Global Launch and Première Announced

Source: Tech & Learning Girls Thinking Global (GTG) announces its formal launch and première in New York on December 8, 2014. The non-profit aims to create a global network serving women and girls, to leverage resources – monetary, in-kind, and communicative – to ensure that every

eSchool News: How U.S. schools can help make a difference for girls’ education worldwide

Source: eSchool News Two education industry veterans who have recently launched a new organization to empower young women and girls around the globe talk about how schools can get involved Kathy Hurley and Deb deVries have spent their careers in education, first as special ed teachers

Scholastic Administr@tor: Tech Tools – The New GED

Source: Scholastic Administr@tor The next-generation General Equivalency Diploma test is coming and Odysseyware has an online prep class to help students who missed out on a diploma the first time around pass it. It prepares them to take the GED, TASC and HiSet tests with modules for

Tech & Learning: Nominations Open for Second Annual Legends in Literacy Awards

Source: Tech & Learning myON announces that nominations are now open for the Second Annual Legends in Literacy Awards, to be presented in 2015. The awards are co-sponsored by the International Reading Association (IRA) and MetaMetrics, creators of the Lexile® Framework for Reading