Twin Cities Business: Capstone CEO & Principal honored as 2014 Entrepreneurs of the Year

Source: Twin Cities Business The selection of the 2014 Ernst & Young Entrepreneurs Of The Year for the Upper Midwest began, as always, with hundreds of suggestions, which in turn led to dozens of nominations. The panel of judges conducted interviews, narrowing the field to 25 fina

Best Selling Author James Patterson and myON look to Increase Student Engagement and Summer Reading

James Patterson is offering special access to his new book, Treasure Hunters, to all students using myON. The unprecedented partnership between the two literacy advocates looks to increase student engagement and reading over the summer break and beyond. Patterson, creator of readkiddo

eSchool News: Little-known ways to find every student’s hidden potential

Source: eSchool News I was walking down the halls of our school recently when a little girl approached me. “Mrs. Rogers, what do I have to do to get into your classroom?” Her comment made me laugh. This particular girl was a straight-A student, and I’m the Title 1 teacher for at-risk

EdTech Roundup: Wildlife Acoustics Echo Meter Touch – Find Bats In Your Own Backyard!

Source: EdTech Roundup If you’re not familiar with Wildlife Acoustics, they are a Massachusetts-based company that creates hardware and software designed to help students and conservationists monitor and record birds, bats, and a huge variety of other creatures.  I recently had

Smartblog on Education: A tale of two CTE’s

Source: Smartblog on Education A recent high-school graduate and a credit-recovery teacher from Sweet Home High School in Oregon share their insights on career and technical education. Shela’s story From the second you register for high-school classes as an incoming freshman, everythi

Scholastic Administr@tor: To the Bat Cave, Class

Source: Scholastic Administr@tor The mystery behind bats can have a hold on students akin to them learning about dinosaurs, but with the impact of a species that is available to see and hear today. The Wildlife Acoustics Echo Meter Touch has the power to turn this curiosity into an im

Private School Review: 7 Ways Kids Can Avoid Summer Brain Drain

Source: Private School Review The summer “Brain Drain,” also known as the “Summer Slide” is a term commonly used by educators and parents alike to describe the learning loss that takes place for many students during summer months. We polled the experts and foun

SmartBlog on Education: Habits for success in school and life

Source: SmartBlog on Education Take a moment to join us in a snapshot of a classroom we recently observed: Students are hard at work designing a travel brochure as a part of their study of Ireland. They need to think about how much it will cost by air or by sea and develop a good rati

EdSurge: Flipping the Switch – SEL Lights the Path for Academic and Personal Success in Schools

Source: EdSurge In this era of change, districts, researchers, and edtech developers are looking for the catalysts to impact education reform. One area that has untapped potential for changing student outcomes is social and emotional learning (SEL). Edtech products today often address

Fifty from ISTE article from eSchool News honors PRP clients!

eSchool News released their Fifty from ISTE: 50 new ed-tech services article which featured 8 clients from the PRP family! See what they had to say about our clients below or review the full list of top ed-tech products here! This year’s conference from the International Society for T