Dec 11

Primoris Academy Steps Up Safety on Snow Days

New Jersey school for gifted sends early alerts to help keep students and parents off icy roads 

One Call Now logoSnow days are now safer for students and parents at Primoris Academy, a private school for gifted children in Bergen County, New Jersey. Parents hit the roads early to get their children to school. Thanks to a new contract with One Call Now, administrators will be able to quickly contact parents when the school is delayed or closed.

Families of Primoris students span a 50-mile radius. Some students travel more than an hour to get to school. “When we have delays, closures or early closures, we needed a way to reach parents before they start driving to school,” said Paul Wharton, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Primoris Academy. “Primoris parents are active participants in their children’s education. We want to do everything possible to help them.”

The service’s flexibility and affordability were the stand-out features that secured the contract for One Call Now, according to Wharton. “We wanted to have a reliable emergency notification process in place in our first semester and we knew we needed it before the winter weather set in,” said Wharton. “Knowing that we can use the service for day-to-day communications is an added bonus.”

Administrators have introduced One Call Now to Primoris Academy families and given the system a test run. “Everyone is happy with this service,” added Wharton. “It works great and has given us all a high level of confidence.”