Nov 13

Huffington Post Impact X features Lightspeed Technologies success story

PrintSusan Stibal and Brady are both mothers with full-time jobs, but when they realized the dire state of class room audio in their public schools, they knew they wanted to help.

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They founded Hear to Learn, a pilot program designed to improve classroom audio in Lincoln Public Schools. Within a year, they had raised enough money to put audio systems in every classroom of five elementary schools.

Using the REDCAT classroom audio system from PRP Client Lightspeed Technologies, Stibal and Brady were able to make a difference, and The Huffington Post took notice!

The Impact X section of the popular online news platform featured a guest post from Stibal and Brady, complete with a video of the REDCAT systems at work!

Here’s a preview:

Desk chairs squeak. Radiators rattle. Vents hum. Classrooms are noisy–and it’s only getting worse. Many “open concept” schools don’t even have walls to contain noise between rooms. It’s no wonder research shows that kids not seated in the front row miss 30 to 50 percent of what their teachers say. (Read the full article here.)