Oct 25

EdSurge reviews Insight Education Group’s ObserverNet

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 Teacher development tool in which third party coaches give feedback on classroom video – http://www.insighteducationgroup.com


EdSurge’s Overview of ObserverNet: 

ObserverNet is a K-12 teacher development tool in which third party coaches give feedback on classroom video. Teachers film and then upload their video to the platform. This video is reviewed by third-party “coaches” who are certified in each district’s evaluation framework and are content experts for the grade and subject they are observing. Teachers get feedback within 48-72 hours, and the school’s administrators get the data needed for the evaluation requirements as well as feedback on how to best support their teachers.

Insight Education Group was founded in 2000 by Michael Moody and Jason Stricker, who both have experiences Insight Core framework graphicas classroom teachers, school and district administrators, and professional development consultants. They were frustrated by the professional development they had received as instructors, so they developed “Strategic Design.” They outlined this new philosophy in their book Strategic Design for Student Achievement that they published in 2009.

The ObserverNet team is located Encino, CA. They have created several PD products, including the 2013 EdTech Digest Cool Tool Awards and CodiE Awards Finalist, myCore. Their current focus is around preparing teachers and schools for adopting and implementing Common Core. ObserverNet is still in development, and a minimum viable product will be released mid-October 2013. There are several pilots already committed throughout the country whose contracts should be signed in the last quarter of 2013.

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Insight Education Group

Developers of professional development tools and philosophies, including the soon to be released ObserverNet. Located in Encino, California, the company was founded in 2000.

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