Jul 02

Mrs. P

mrsp PRwebAbout Mrs. P:

The Company:

MrsP.com was created with the goal of giving kids the wonderful experience of having a trusted, skilled storyteller read them classics of literature. Rather than simply presenting an audiobook, Mrs. P recreates the look and feel of “story time,” a magical ritual many kids might not otherwise get to enjoy.

Why now?

Mrs. P is concerned because fewer and fewer kids are reading these days. Also, according to recent reports Mrs. P has seen, it is becoming harder and harder for many parents to find the time to read to their children. Those same reports suggest that reading to children is vital to their intellectual and emotional development. That’s why Mrs. P thought it was a good time to devote less of her energy to attending fancy balls, restoring her 1963 Ferrari and digging for dinosaur bones in Patagonia – and more energy to reading the stories she loves to kids.

The Content

Mrs. P reads classic children’s stories that have proven their value through the test of time. The authors whose work is presented on MrsP.com are the finest writers who ever lived. To complement the storytelling experience, Mrs. P commissions both new and established artists to create original artwork for each story. While our website will feature interactive reading and spelling games, but — the heart and soul of our content on MrsP.com will always be a gifted storyteller reading great stories enhanced with a few simple illustrations. Mrs. P prefers not to compete with big-budget Hollywood movies, elaborate video games and virtual worlds; she would like to help kids learn to use their imaginations.

Mrs. P’s Pledge

MrsP.com pledges to donate ten percent of its profits to groups that promote the cause of literacy. We pledge that our stories will always be streamed free of charge on our website; if viewers would like to buy a story to own (for viewing on TVs, portable DVD players, iPods, etc.), they will be directed to the iTunes Store, Tales2Go or Audible Books, where all of the stories in our library may be downloaded for a small fee. MrsP.com also pledges that its website will be always be ad-free, and that financial support will be limited to sponsorship arrangements similar to those used on PBS. Unlike most entertainment websites for children, MrsP.com is not owned by a large, corporate entity seeking to instill “brand loyalty” on its young visitors. Mrs. P only wishes to instill a love of reading.