May 24

VINCI Education

VINCI_Logo_High_ResVINCI: Inspire the Genius 

VINCI was created as a new category of learning tools for children 1 to 6 years old to gain skills for school readiness. VINCI is not about technology. Rather, it’s about education of young children through learning programs that included technology tools, books, toys, and most importantly, interaction with parents and teachers. VINCI Learning Tablets work in conjunction with the award winning VINCI Curriculum, a step-by-step learning structure, originally comprised of a series of age specific learning apps and assessment tools and now expanding to include toys, books and learning centers for the classroom.

VINCI Curriculum integrates digital learning apps with everyday discussion subjects (such as food and animals), includes age-specific toys, books (upcoming) as well as theme based learning centers. VINCI Curriculum education programs are developed and fine-tuned with the guidance from researchers and in collaboration with teachers and parents.

Technology as a Tool

VINCI Curriculum apps are accessed through Android tablets specially designed for young children. 3D animation is used to keep children focused and concepts are taught while children enjoying the play.

VINCI Curriculum non-digital content such as toys, books, learning centers are created to suit children’s developmental needs. Time spent on digital learning shall be limited to 2-3 times a week, 30 to 45 minutes at the time, for the only purpose to help children visualise concepts and make connections between real world subjects.

For more information about VINCI, its products and services, please visit them online here.