May 15

Read on the Future: Victor Rivero interviews Visionary Todd Brekhus

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Todd Brekhus has a good look at what’s working and what’s next for literacy.
INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero


As president of Capstone Digital Solutions, creators of myON reader, Todd Brekhus has been a leader in technology-enhanced literacy solutions to the benefit of millions of children. Before joining Capstone, Todd held a variety of executive positions, including Vice President and CMO of PLATO Learning, President and COO of Learning Elements, and Education Program Director for MCI WorldCom, where he helped build and implement the Marco Polo program. He also spent eight years in education as a teacher, department chair, and Technology Director and currently serves on the Board of the Educational Division of The Software Information Industry Association. A graduate of Concordia College, Todd completed graduate studies at John Hopkins University. Recently named 2013 Visionary of the Year by EdTech Digest, Todd examines the future of literacy and technology in this in-depth interview, revealing his thoughts on what it takes to build a virtual backpack, capture the imagination of millions of students and change the face of learning and discovery — with some interesting examples along the way.

Victor: How do you see technology, in particular the edtech solutions offered by Capstone Digital, spearheading literacy initiatives across the country?

Todd: Personalization, content and access should be driving not only literacy but all areas of education. The statistics are staggering; for example, 66 percent of America’s students who do not read by the end of third grade end up in prison or on welfare. Through innovation and collaboration, technology can provide a renewed vision of literacy. Through our efforts in building myON reader, we are transforming how students can access books, grow their reading skills and track their reading growth. There is unlimited access for a student because of technology; you can read online and offline (through myON app) and teachers have metrics that monitor their progress.

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