May 24

One Call Now

2010-OCN_Logo400pixelsWideIt’s Up to You to Keep Them Protected, Informed, and Engaged

In your busy day, the fine line between order and chaos often rests on your ability to provide effective and timely communications. Parent Notification Systems from One Call Now make it easy for schools to quickly communicate with parents, teachers, staff and communities. It’s simple to use, efficient and affordable, regardless of the size of your student population… or how often it changes.

  • Reach families, teachers and staff in the manner they prefer—voice, SMS text or email—and in the language they prefer.
  • 30 pre-recorded messages, professionally translated into 11 languages.
  • Typed messages instantly translate into one of 52 different languages, or into one of 18 languages and converted into a spoken voice message.
  • Send unlimited messages anytime from any phone or from our website.
  • Set up subgroups within your contact list to make it easy to reach specific groups.
  • Assign multiple authorized users to free your staff and keep groups informed.

Unlimited messaging makes One Call Now the perfect plan for day-to-day messaging and emergency alerts.

  • Automate severe lightning and weather warnings with alerts to administrators and coaches, and automatic posts to your website
  • Integrate posts with Facebook and Twitter social media sites
  • Seamlessly integrate with your student information system
  • Free-up technical staff—even with high enrollment turnover
  • Inform parents, students and staff of delays and cancellations
  • Automate lunch card, meal plan and balance and fees due messages
  • Save money by reducing paper, printing, and postage
  • Save time and staff using automated attendance calls
  • Increase parental involvement by promoting events and programs
  • Automate sub calls for absent teachers
  • Rally community awareness and support with two free levy calls per year
  • Always be ready and able to respond—99.99% uptime guarantee!

Streamline communications without draining your budget. Put One Call Now to work in your school to keep students protected, parents, teachers and staff informed and your community engaged.

For more information about One Call Now and its services, please visit them here.