May 16

Insight Education Group

IEG_Logo_High_ResInsight Education Group Mission:

Putting A Great Teacher in Every Classroom 

Our work begins with a simple idea: Every student deserves a great teacher. Exciting initiatives are underway across the country to make sure there’s a great teacher in every classroom tapping into students’ natural curiosity and ensuring that they are really ready for college and careers.

Two national initiatives are driving this work. The first is teacher effectiveness, which is all about defining what it means to be a great teacher, providing support, and holding everyone accountable for students success. The second initiative is the Common Core State Standards. These standards inspire intellectual risk taking and prepare students’ to thrive in college and careers. Insight partners with districts to bring these initiatives together.

What does it mean to Connect Teacher Effectiveness and the Common Core?

In simple terms, connecting teacher effectiveness and the Common Core means there is a laser-like focus on making sure teachers are supported and evaluated within the context of what it takes to help students achieve the Core Standards. Although the work may seem straightforward, it means that district and charter leaders have coordinated their human capital, academic, financial, and policy practices to support having a great teacher in every classroom.

For more information about The Insight Education Group, and their flagship curriculum tool, myCore, visit them online at www.insighteducationgroup.com