Apr 29

One Call Now Launches New School Safety Service


Safe School Helpline® provides early intervention against school violence


TROY, OHApril 29, 2013  – One Call Now, the leading group message & notification provider, today announced the launch of its latest anti-bullying service for students, parents, and educators, the Safe School Helpline®.  With the addition of this anonymous hotline and direct access to crisis counselors, One Call Now offers a complete school safety solution.

One Call Now’s Safe School Helpline® is a critical tool for school administrators to help ensure a safe and secure learning environment.  Developed with extensive school administrator input, Safe School Helpline® is the only student anonymous hotline service that also includes direct and confidential access to a trained staff of crisis counselors, 24/7.  The Safe School Helpline® service also includes full transcripts of incident reports, emergency response protocols and awareness materials for in-school use.

“Recent violent acts in schools have put a spotlight on school safety and educators are looking for an early intervention system to prevent violence from happening in their schools,” reports One Call Now CEO and founder, Leib Lurie.  “While bullying and aggression in schools are certainly cited as contributors, more concerning to school administrators are factors like drug and alcohol abuse, suicidal feelings and other mental stressors. That’s why it was important to us that the Safe School Helpline® also provide immediate crisis counseling to students at risk.”

The Safe School Helpline® from One Call Now is priced significantly lower than other school safety reporting services — as much as 2/3 less.   “We want to ensure every school in America is financially able to provide an early intervention system,” says Lurie.

For more information go to onecallnow.com/ssh.


About One Call Now:
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