Apr 09

Greenbrier Schools Tackling New AR State Teacher Evaluation System

observe4sucesssmallUsing observe4success’ fully customizable observation software, GPS administrators and teachers navigate new requirements with ease


ST. PETERSBURG, FLApril 9, 2013observe4success, a leading provider of easy-to-use classroom observation and walkthrough software is pleased to see its fully customizable solution become an integral component in the understanding and implementation of new Arkansas state teacher evaluation standards in Greenbrier Public Schools. School districts across the state of Arkansas are in the beginning stages of learning, understanding, and meeting new state teacher evaluation requirements, and with the help of the observe4success platform, Greenbrier administrators feel that they are ahead of the game.

Greenbrier Schools Deputy Superintendent Lisa Todd comments, “We are seeing observe4succes used for both formal and informal observations and have seen teacher engagement continually rise as administrators create their own personalized rubrics. The state evaluation requirements have posed additional challenges, but with the flexibility of this solution, we have been able to fully align the platform with new state requirements.”  She continues, “We have eliminated much of the learning curve and minimized confusion as teachers and administrators are familiarizing themselves with the new state requirements. This allows us to continue to focus on what is really important – improving instruction and supporting our teachers’ growth.”

Considered one of the best classroom walkthrough software packages available today, observe4success combines the benefits of technology, research-based content, fully customizable observation forms, graphic reports, and peer observation and reporting. This offers educators and administrators the clearest means of supporting and improving the teaching process.

Abby Sterensis, Vice President at observe4success states, “We are thrilled that observe4success is being used not only for collaborative observations, feedback, and positive teacher growth, but also to ease the transition to meeting state evaluation standards.” She goes on to say, “We want to applaud Lisa and her team for the work they do to support their schools and couldn’t be happier that our solution allows them to use a system they are comfortable with while meeting and even better understanding these new requirements.”

“The immediate feedback has been key in the transition. Many of our principals are providing teachers with feedback before they even leave the classroom!”  Deputy Superintendent Todd adds.

Developed by educators for educators, observe4success started as a grassroots effort to capture and systemically report the essence of classroom culture and instructional practice so that administrators and peer observers could easily grasp classroom characteristics. With observation data collected over time, stored, and sorted, administrators and teachers work together to identify strengths to be highlighted and weaknesses to be supported. Current research encourages continuous improvement to support instructional practices while implementing exemplary teaching practices; observe4success offers the tools to make these efforts seamless.

For more about Greenbrier Public Schools, please visit: http://www.greenbrierschools.org/

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