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EdTech Digest Awards Finalists Named, PR with Panache! and its Client Family Nab 18!

Leadership_Finalist2013 – Finalists & Winners

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EdTech Digest Awards Program 2013 | Raising the Roof

Results are in for the third annual EdTech Digest Awards Recognition Program honoring tools, trendsetters and leaders in the education and technology sector. The distinguished awards program recognizes outstanding solutions—and the best and brightest minds—in education and technology. This year there was no shortage of either, as entries hit an all-time high. From dozens to hundreds of startups; from blips to billions in venture capital; and from millionaire kindergarten teachers sharing lesson plans to YouTube tutors on the cover of Forbes — the edtech world continues to raise the roof in terms of sheer numbers and activity. Past winners of the EdTech Digest Awards Program have included, among others: Pearson, Epson and McGraw-Hill, as well as emerging solutions providers Panarea Digital, StudySync and StudyBlue. This year’s program features some of the most robust entries ever. In all, more than 200 finalists were named in more than 40 categories.

For the Full article/list of finalists, please visit EdTech Digest.


Product or Service: 

Rural School Audit Plans from BLEGroup

Assessment Solution:

myIGDI’s Early Literacy from Early Learning Labs

Digital Insight Assessment Solution from LearningStation

Reporting Solution:

Insight by LearningStation

Collaboration Solution:

ActivTable by Promethean

e-Learning Solution:

myON reader from Capstone Digital

District Data Solution:

GuideK12 from GuideK12

Mobile (device) Solution:

Digital Insight Assessment from LearningStation

Reporting Solution:

Reporting Solution from LearningStation

Student Academic Tracking Solution:

GuideK12 from GuideK12

More Cool Tool Finalists:

myCore Curriculum Management from Insight ED Group– Best Common Core Planning Tool

Leadership Awards:


Jim Kirchner, LearningStation


Eliot Levinson, BLEgroup

Todd Brekhus, Capstone Digital

PR Firm/Publicist:

PR with Panache!

Trendsetter Awards: 

Product or Service Setting a Trend

Thought Leadership Consortium from the BLEgroup

PR with Panache! – Best Modern Day Business Storytellers

observe4success– Best Classroom Walkthrough Software

Congrats to all the finalists, but a special congrats to the PR with Panache! family!