Apr 17

CT District Transitioning all Testing & Assessment Online

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Region 15 Schools moving assessment online with LearningStation™ Insight


April 17, 2013 Charlotte, NC- Pomeraug Regional School District 15 is moving 100% of its district benchmark testing online with the help of LearningStation™ Insight.  LearningStation, a leading provider of customizable K12 student assessment software is excited to see Region 15 using their flagship solution, Insight, to prepare for the future of testing and assessment: everything online, no more pencil and paper. In addition to their district benchmark testing, Region 15 has also created both pre and post test assessments using Insight.

Before we know it, gone will be the days of bubble sheet testing and paper student assessment, replaced completely by computer screens, smart phones, tablets and any other mobile device the future may have in store for us.  LearningStation, which has offered both online and plain paper assessment solutions for over a decade is seeing more and more of their customers looking to prepare for this future, epic move online.  With Insight, Region 15 is in the process of completing this monumental shift with relative ease, accessing individual student results immediately, a task that could have taken weeks in the past.

Kelly Lyman, Assistant Superintendent of Schools in Region 15, states, “Our educators and administrators have immediate access to the results of student assessments, which allows them to respond appropriately and without delay to the needs of each individual student.  The power of this knowledge and the value it brings to our classrooms is difficult to fully appreciate without seeing it first hand.”  She continues, “As we looked to plan for the future of testing, the Smarter Balance test, which will be online, and more, we found a fantastic partner in LearningStation to put our minds at ease as we gradually transition to 100% online testing and assessment.”

“Online testing and assessment are no longer something in the distant future, the day is rapidly approaching when all schools will need to make the shift to online.  We want to applaud the forward thinkers at Region 15 Schools like Kelly and her team for taking the leap,” commented LearningStation CEO Jim Kirchner.  “

For more information about Pomperaug Regional School District 15 (District 15), please visit them online at: http://www.region15.org/

For more information about LearningStation, Insight and moving your district online, please visit them online at www.learningstation.com

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