Apr 16

53 of Iowa’s School Districts adopt Tales2Go as their Audiobook Solution



Heartland Area Education Agency adds Tales2Go to their MackinVIA portal to support literacy instruction and Common Core requirements



April 16, 2013, Washington, D.C. – Tales2Go Inc., the leading provider of streaming audiobooks for the K-8 marketplace is pleased to announce that Iowa’s largest Area Education Agency, Heartland AEA, added Tales2Go audiobooks to their MackinVIA™ eResource portal.  Students at each of the Elementary, Middle School and Junior High Schools within Heartland AEA will now have instant and unlimited access to thousands of streaming audiobooks.

Heartland AEA, which serves over 140,000 students in 53 districts, was established along with Iowa’s 8 other AEAs to ensure efficient, effective and equal educational opportunities for all children.  Together, the AEAs provide special education support services, media and technology services, a variety of instructional services, professional development and leadership to promote school improvement.

Heartland AEA Director of Resources and Library Services, Susan Schrader comments, “We were searching for an audiobook solution that matched the flexibility and capabilities of MackinVIA.  Listening to audiobooks builds critical listening, comprehension and fluency skills; in fact reading methods such as The Daily 5 include listening as a component of reading instruction.”  She continues, “The Common Core Standards spell out specific speaking and listening skills required of all primary grade students, making Tales2Go an effective resource to support literacy instruction.”

Tales2Go CEO William Weil states, “We are honored to be selected by Heartland AEA as an important literacy resource for their districts and schools.  With 13 states enacting laws to hold back third graders not reading at level, almost nothing is more important than getting kids excited about and skilled at reading.”  He goes on, “Audiobooks have been used in classrooms for decades and are a proven pathway to reading for students at all levels.”

Tales2Go innovates on both the delivery and business model of giving educators and students’ access to audiobooks.  For example, with Tales2Go, thousands of students can independently listen to the same book simultaneously.  And some students may want to check out the physical book from the school or public library and follow along as they listen.  Tales2Go is used differently depending on the grade, but ranges from individual to group use, with and without physical books in hand.

MackinVIA is a versatile, free eResource management system with a growing catalog of more than 100,000 eBooks, databases, and audiobooks. Known for its robust features and user-friendly interface, MackinVIA offers students and staff access to a school’s or district’s licensed digital resources with just one log in. MackinVIA also has a complimentary eReader app that allows users to check out and download eBooks for offline reading on iPads, iPhones, and Android tablets.

“Mackin is pleased to work with Tales2Go to offer streaming audiobooks through MackinVIA,” says Randal Heise, co-owner and president of Mackin Educational Resources. “We strongly support the good work the Heartland AEA schools are doing to promote a love of literacy in their students.”

For more info on the Heartland AEA, please visit: http://www.aea11.k12.ia.us/

For more information on Tales2Go, please visit: www.tales2go.com

For details about MackinVIA, please visit: www.Mackin.com

About Tales2Go:

Tales2Go is an award-winning mobile audiobook service that streams thousands of name-brand titles from leading publishers and storytellers to play on desktops, laptops and mobile devices in the classroom and beyond.  Unlike other audio book services, thousands of students can independently listen to the same book simultaneously.  Tales2Go offers piloting opportunities as well as monthly and annual subscription plans, including bulk sales for schools.

About Mackin Educational Resources:

Mackin Educational Resources has provided library and classroom materials to PK-12 schools for nearly 30 years. Known for its high commitment to customer care and customization, Mackin provides print books, eBooks, online databases, audiobooks, video resources and more to schools across the country and around the globe. Learn more about Mackin Educational Resources by visiting www.mackin.com or contacting them at 800-245-9540 – where every phone call is always answered in person and true customer service still exists.