Mar 01

Tech & Learning Back Office Business: Edtech in action features GuideK12

Guidek12 sm

Calcasieu Parish Public Schools implements a geovisual analytics program



Challenge: As districts continue to face declining budgets and enrollments, they are turning to technology to translate student data into actionable insights.

Solution: Calcasieu Parish Public Schools in Louisiana has implemented GuideK12 to allow district leaders to analyze data to help inform academic performance and optimize resources. By mapping data, people can see patterns and trends that were previously hidden in spreadsheets or simply unavailable. “We were flying blind on some of these more difficult tasks before GuideK12, which gives us the ability to create scenarios and quickly see how the changes affect the make-up of a school,” says Sheryl Abshire, CTO of Calcasieu Parish Public Schools. “When superintendents can quickly report how and why decisions are made, the integrity of the district increases dramatically.”

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