Mar 18

Did you miss PR with Panache!’s March 14 Webinar? It’s Archived!!

Panache_Logo_transparent_228x160Part 2 of 3 Webinar: Why your lead gen campaigns aren’t generating leads (and what you can do about it)

Originally aired March 14, 2013 in conjunction with Agile Marketing

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Lead generation is critical to the success of any company. Whether you’re generating leads face-to-face at conferences, using social media, sending emails, or SEO, no lead generation technique will be effective without first laying a solid foundation. During this hour-long free webinar we’ll discuss the building blocks of a successful lead generation campaign.

  • Developing a compelling story
  • Building brand recognition
  • The elements of lead generation – list, creative, call-to-action and next step

Speakers Sue Hanson, Principal of PR with Panache! and Farimah Schuerman, Partner of Academic Business Advisors, will share ideas on how to strengthen your organization’s building blocks to improve the quantity and quality of the leads you’re generating.

For Part 1 of this webinar series, please visit PR with Panache! here