Feb 20

PR with Panache! welcomes SureScore back as its newest client!

Untitled1Building Better Pathways to Colleges & Careers

Motivation. Graduation. Occupation.



Since 1995, SureScore has partnered with school districts of all sizes to provide solutions that improve academic achievement and increase the number of college-ready students. Today, we work with those partners to help thousands of students achieve their academic and life goals.

Our objective is to build upon our 17-year track record of improving student population performance, deliver a set of K–12 programs that are driven by state standards and Common Core Standards and based upon proven cognitive and curricular science, employ only the best teachers and instructors, and blend it with some of the most technologically advanced tools designed to increase reach and expand engagement. The result is a solution set that adapts to your specific needs by keeping your younger students on track, increasing the self-awareness of your middle-school students, and assisting your older students to achieve the scores and focus they need to succeed in a post-secondary life.

However, we do more than just offer personalized college readiness solutions. We create the customized, hands-on implementation plan that guides you through preparation, roll-out, and delivery.

At SureScore, it may be our products that draw in our customers, but it’s our service that keeps them satisfied.

We also believe that our ability to positively affect student achievement is a privilege, and we try and bring that attitude to our work and our relationships with everyone involved in education—including you.