Jan 13

The World Education University (WEU)

Education should be free.  The mission of The World Education University or WEU (pronounced We-You) is to provide free education to all.

It is our core belief that the global community should have access to education without cost.  There is nothing more important to the modern world than education. It elevates people from poverty. Education inspires solutions to global problems. It is a transformative tool for those who master it. Education heals. It offers a second chance to those in need. Education is the great social equalizer.

And yet, education is available to only a small portion of the global population, mostly because it is economically unfeasible for the learner. For most, post-secondary education is cost-prohibitive. For many living in the third world, even secondary education is beyond reach. Those who most need education are prevented from it because they lack the resources to access it.

But education should be free; if for no other reason than the cherished belief that an educated world is a healthier, safer, better world.

And like the dedicated team of social entrepreneurs at WEU, we want to inspire an entire movement of socially conscious global citizens who will take the gift of free education and find ways to give back to their communities.

WEU – We built it for you!