Jan 17


Guidek12 smGuideK12 enables you to instantly explore and understand your district student by student, neighborhood by neighborhood and move forward with confidence.

Easy to Use Throughout the District

Web-based software makes it easy for everyone to get at information instantly that could take weeks to get before. Anyone from superintendents, to business managers to school board members can easily analyze district needs in a few clicks. Role-based security protocols ensure the right information is available to the right people quickly and easily.


Our Software Gives You Unlimited Flexibility

Get fast access to enormous amounts of linked data and filter on any combination of attributes. Create, save and analyze as many scenarios as you choose and start more meaningful dialogue sooner. The drawing tool lets you select and analyze unlimited geographies, so you can cut the data however you need to see it.


It’s Fast. It’s Powerful.

Originally designed for the US Census Bureau to visualize terabytes of data, GuideK12 provides instant access to all kinds of complex scenarios. Filter on any student or household characteristic and see it displayed immediately. The logic is recorded step by step, so it’s easy to share scenarios later.


Unequaled Precision You Can Count On

GuideK12 has granular data specific to the individual and household. Others use summarized census block information, which causes assumptions and inferences from inexact data. GuideK12 allows you to get at critical segments for analysis in a way no one else can, and with authority you can trust.

Makes It Easy to be Transparent and Earn Trust

It’s a lot easier to earn support from diverse stakeholders and communities when you can easily share a wealth of scenarios, and quickly test theirs. GuideK12 records all the logic step by step, so you can share your thinking and immediately involve community members.