Jan 28

Grammaropolis named to bestappsforkids by School News Roll Call


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The designers who created Grammaropolis (Full Version) did a good job of including several levels of learning. Each section begins with an overview of the relevant part of speech, then moves on to include deeper understandings. For example, the Nouns section teaches that nouns are persons, places, things or ideas, then develops understandings related to common/proper nouns, collective nouns, concrete/abstract nouns, and so on.

The activities between each teaching section offer a short, three question assessment of understanding. Quizzes (placed midway through the sequence and at the end of the teaching sequence) are longer multiple choice activities. Correct answers are acknowledged with a summary of the concept in green print and incorrect responses are corrected with the same summary in red print.

Each feature of the sections is accessible through a predetermined learning sequence or through collections that group items, such as all of the books or all of the music videos.

One thing that would improve this application’s usefulness in the classroom would be a method of keeping records for multiple students. As it stands, a teacher would have no way of knowing which sections had been completed by a given student or how they performed on them.

The full review can be seen bestappsforkids.com