Dec 05


Since 1995, SureScore has partnered with school districts of all sizes to provide a support system to improve academic achievement and to increase the number of college-ready students. Today, our products help more than 200,000 students achieve their academic goals.

As one of the leading providers of college readiness solutions, SureScore has a proven track record in developing effective strategies that enhance instruction and improve performance in schools. Our customized and systematic approach allows campuses to sustain college readiness initiatives from year to year, positively affecting student achievement.

Our Mission

SureScore continues to impact the lives of students by focusing on our mission: to increase college readiness in public schools, particularly those serving economically-disadvantaged students.

Founded on the principle that college preparation should be accessible to all students – regardless of socio-economic background – our cost-effective educational model allows districts to reach more students through large-scale implementation.

Our Solutions

Responding to the unique challenges and goals of each district, SureScore develops effective college readiness solutions that are customized for each campus. Utilizing 21st century methodologies, SureScore’s products provide instruction and professional development in core enrichment, test preparation, and college and career planning.

Continuously working with each school district to help raise expectations and steer more students toward postsecondary education is the core basis of all products. Ongoing support, as well as SureScore’s unwavering dedication to the students and teachers we serve, is what makes our partnerships successful.