Dec 24

Empowering Writers

Empowering Writers is an educational publisher and professional development provider specializing in the instruction of writing.

We offer comprehensive, teacher-friendly workshops that empower educators of children from grades Kindergarten-8 to teach narrative writing, expository (informative) writing, and persuasive (opinion) writing in new and creative ways. The Empowering Writers’ model is supported by our numerous teacher resources, making implementation easy for teachers.

Developed by veteran classroom teachers Barbara Mariconda and Dea Paoletta Auray at the Mill Hill School in Fairfield Connecticut, our techniques, lessons, and methodology grew out of real world experience.  Designed and implemented over a five-year period, the program was fine-tuned to bring a consistent, effective approach to the instruction of writing. During this time, Mill Hill’s fourth graders made a 45-point increase in their narrative writing scores on the Connecticut Mastery Test and became enthusiastic, confident writers.

In order to share these high impact methodologies with colleagues nationwide and build on the tremendous response from children, parents, and educators, Barbara and Dea co-founded Empowering Writers, LLC.

For more information about Empowering Writers’ philosophy on writing instruction and proven methodology visit Improving Instruction section.