Dec 06

Early Learning Labs

my logomyIGDIs are a comprehensive solution for monitoring individual children’s pre-literacy development on the pathway to becoming proficient in reading. The myIGDIs system unites research-based assessments with state-of-the-art online reporting tools and professional development support.

At the core of this system are the Individual Growth & Development Indicators for Early Literacy (or “IGDIs-EL”). IGDIs-EL are a set of language and literacy measures designed through research and specifically for children, ages 3-5. Quick & easy to administer, IGDIs-EL are comprised of Picture Naming (expressive language & vocabulary), Rhyming and Alliteration (phonological awareness).

IGDIs-EL were developed through years of research at the University of Minnesota and have since been evaluated empirically in a series of studies with special attention to reliability and validity studies. Shown to be psychometrically sound, IGDIs-EL are trusted by teachers and fellow researchers across the nation.

For more information about Early Learning Labs and myIGDIs, please visit them online: http://www.myigdis.com/