Nov 20

Waterford Institute

Waterford Institute uses technology to promote the academic success of every child. The resulting software illustrates four key principles in our approach to learning.

1. Scalability

Waterford Institute technology offers an individualized educational experience that can be successfully implemented for any student in any setting. The courseware ensures that every student masters key skills.

2. Individualized and Equitable Instruction

Our software constantly monitors each student’s mastery of skills and adapts instruction to meet individual needs.

3. Student Engagement

Waterford Institute technology employs exciting graphics, music and game-like components to keep students actively learning through their entire computer session.

4. Low Cost

To ensure that as many children as possible can benefit from Waterford Institute innovations, we offer individualized, research-based instruction at a cost that is much less than that incurred by traditional reforms, such as new materials, extensive training, tutors and follow-up, all of which can equal thousands of dollars per student.