Nov 20

Twist Education

Twisted Physics® is Twist Education’s flagship product. This adventure game addresses all of the teaching objectives for a complete course in advanced secondary-school physics. Adventure games provide engagement by immersing the player in a fantasy world. This approach imparts several qualities to the study of science that are seldom taught but that constitute hallmarks scientific practice.

The Learning

The Twisted Physics adventure game curriculum provides learning aligned with the College Board Standards for Student Success in Physics including the Advanced Placement Enduring Understandings. The content parallels algebra-based high school and university courses with instruction modeled on Merrill’s First Principles, the Feynman lectures on physics, and inquiry learning theory. Energy and forces are persistent themes across all of Twisted Physics with a consistent presentation to support deep connections across the curriculum.

The curriculum is broken down into behavioral objectives.  Each objective is supported by a collection of underlying concepts. Each concept is presented in at least three different in-game interactions. Every behavioral objective maps to an interaction sequence that includes written and visual direct instruction as well as the opportunity to apply the behavior in a problem-solving situation. Problem-solving practice is embedded in puzzles and labs.  These focal learning activities support differentiated instruction, provide problem-specific guidance, and support remediation.  Learners who demonstrate mastery are allowed to move on while those in need of  help are given additional practice.

In addition to the aforementioned interaction sequences, student-gamers may initiate conversations with other characters in which  they are free to ask questions about the material.  They may also access a concise physics reference that grows as they interact with the game environment.