Nov 24

The HOPE Foundation

Since 1989, the HOPE (Harnessing Optimism and Potential through Education) Foundation – a non-profit 501(c)(3), whose Honorary Chair is Archbishop Desmond Tutu – has led the way in creating learning communities where student success is the only option. HOPE helps to develop high-performing leadership teams and school cultures where Failure Is Not an Option® for any student.

We are a leadership organization internationally recognized for re-culturing school communities and sustaining student success by collaborating with schools and districts on a long-term basis to build leadership capacity and ensure success.

Our success is rooted in our experienced team of professionals, our dedicated Board of Directors and Advisory Board and the diverse and numerous organizations with whom we partner. We have a proven track record of creating school and district-wide leadership teamsthat consistently close learning gaps among students while enhancing overall school, teacher and student achievement.

We build leadership communities within and between schools and districts that increase student achievement and create schools where failure is not an option for any student.

Every school has pockets of leadership and excellence. At HOPE, we foster the trust and collaboration that transform these isolated instances into sustainable and systemic best practices.