Nov 03

Tales2Go invited on Rudy Maxa’s World, High-Definition Travel Radio Show

For the complete radio broadcast, visit Rudy Maxa’s Radio Show Archive

“Don’t even think about hitting the road,” says writer Paul Theroux, “unless you’ve consulted with Rudy Maxa, one of the country’s premier travel gurus.”

Every weekend on “Rudy Maxa’s World,” the country’s most widely syndicated radio travel show, Rudy offers up-to-the-minute travel news, advice, and deals as well as a menu of fascinating guests who bring an expert’s perspective to all aspects of travel.

“Sure, you can get on a plane,” says Rudy, “but I also believe you can travel in your mind and in your own hometown.  My show is aimed at keeping listeners current on travel issues and opportunities as well as encouraging them to let their imaginations soar.”

If you’ve enjoyed Rudy’s public television shows on the world’s great destinations, get to know “The Savvy Traveler” on radio.  And join the conversation!


Rudy Maxa, aka “The Savvy Traveler,” is one of America’s premier consumer travel experts whose writings and radio and television shows have helped save thousands of travelers time and money. A former Washington Post reporter, he is a contributing editor with National Geographic Traveler and Delta Air Lines’ Sky magazine. His nearly 100 public television episodes on the great destinations of the world have numerous awards including several Emmy Awards. His weekend radio show, “Rudy Maxa’s World,” is the country’s most widely syndicated travel talk radio show.