Nov 24

Sublime Learning, Inc.

Sublime means “inspiring” and “superlative.” We chose our company name, Sublime Learning®, to reflect our passion and commitment to supporting teachers as they work to meet the needs of every learner. We believe that through informing and empowering educators to teach effectively with technology, more students will have the opportunity to participate in transformational learning experiences. Toward that end, we’re committed to helping you get the most out of your existing technology so you can deliver transformational teaching that engages students and improves performance.

We accomplish these goals by offering a full range of professional learning services, including online, masters-level, accredited courses that focus on integrating technology into instruction. We also offer teachers the opportunity to audit courses if university credits aren’t needed. We model and lead educators to integrate best practice teaching strategies and use the special capabilities of technology they already own to teach in new ways. With our award-winning eTeachables® libraries, Professional Learning Guides and downloadable templates and files we provide the tools to quickly reach and engage every learner and learning style—visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

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