Nov 24

People’s Education

Peoples Education is a publisher and marketer of print and online educational materials for the K–12 school market. The company focuses its efforts in three market areas:

Test Preparation and Assessment:  The company creates and sells state-customized, print and online test preparation and assessment materials that help teachers prepare students for success in school and for required state proficiency tests,
grades 2–12.

Test Preparation, Assessment, and Instruction The company produces and sells proprietary state-customized print work texts and print and Web-based delivered assessments for grades 2–8. These
products provide students with in-depth instruction and practice in reading, language arts, and mathematics. In addition, the company’s backlist remedial and multicultural products are included in this group.

College Preparation: 
The company distributes instructional materials that meet the academic standards
high schools require for honors, college preparation, and Advanced Placement
courses. The company is the exclusive high school distributor for two major
college publishers and also creates proprietary supplemental materials for this
market. The company’s proprietary products are supplemental in nature. They are
predominately softcover, high gross profit margin titles that can be sold efficiently
through the company’s direct sales force, as well as through catalogs, direct mail,
telemarketing, and independent commission sales representatives. Distributed
products are both basal and supplemental in nature.