Nov 14

More developments at Capstone Digital, BLEgroup

More developments at Capstone Digital

November 14, 2012

by: EdTech Times Staff

Digital media provider Capstone Digital has teamed up withBLEgroup and its education technology practitioners to promote their new myON reader, a personalized literacy environment matching student interests and reading levels. The BLEgroup works with schools and ed-tech companies to support the development, marketing and adoption of digital teaching, learning and management products. To that end, they offer valuable expert panels that provide opportunities to learn more about product research, product development, go-to-market strategies and whitepapers that help explain its clients’ products to district leaders.

Todd Brekhus, Capstone Digital President explained, “When digital solutions were new to school districts, many organizations chose the BLEgroup to provide district exposure through its expert panels. We partnered with the BLEgroup because of their valuable expertise in the education market and their ability to bring together educational leaders from all types of districts to provide feedback on Capstone Digital’s literacy solutions. The BLEgroup members understand new products and what they bring to help increase student achievement.”

“We needed to get myON reader in front of education professionals so they could understand the product and the value for their districts,” said Brekhus. “The BLEgroup provided the introduction we needed to launch this game-changing product.”

As Capstone Digital continues to expand its digital literacy solutions in the education market, they’ve created a best-seller with myON reader. After launching in January 2011, myON has received 10 industry awards and honors, including “Most Likely to Succeed in the Education Market” from the Software and Information Industry Association’s Innovation Incubator Program. myON has exceeded expectations with more than 1.4 million students reading over 4 million books online.

“These district leaders come ready to learn about innovations that will help their district, and when they believe in the program and the potential impact it would have on their students, the relationship is off to a great start,” said Brekhus.