Nov 13

Going Digital: Capstone Partners with BLEgroup to Reach New Readers

BLE logoAs an award-winning publishing organization that offers everything from digital media, literacy programs and children’s books encompassing nonfiction, fiction, picture, interactive and audio, Capstone Digital offers literary experiences that engage young minds. When Capstone Digital wanted to promote myON™ reader, a personalized literacy environment matching student interests and reading levels to the largest collection of enhanced digital books with reading supports, they turned to the BLEgroup and its leading education technology practitioners to promote the solution.

Todd Brekhus, Capstone Digital president explained, “When digital solutions were new to school districts, many organizations chose the BLEgroup to provide district exposure through its expert panels. We partnered with the BLEgroup because of their valuable expertise in the education market and their ability to bring together educational leaders from all types of districts to provide feedback on Capstone Digital’s literacy solutions. The BLEgroup members understand new products and what they bring to help increase student achievement.”

The BLEgroup works with schools and ed-tech companies to support the development, marketing and adoption of digital teaching, learning and management products. To that end, they offer valuable expert panels that provide opportunities to learn more about product research, product development, go-to-market strategies and whitepapers that help explain its clients’ products to district leaders.

About Capstone Digital

Capstone Digital, a division of Capstone, develops personalized learning environments for students. As the flagship product, myON reader provides access to the largest integrated library of digital books with multimedia supports. Using Capstone Digital products, students gain confidence in their abilities, take ownership in their reading growth, and achieve success across the curriculum. For more information, visit www.thefutureinreading.com.

About BLEgroup

The BLEgroup is dedicated to the strategic use of technology for improved outcomes and operational efficiency. They provide services to technology firms, education publishers, schools and financial institutions working in the education sector. For more information, visit www.blegroup.com