Sep 05

World Education University Announces Academic Leadership Team

World Education University (pronounced “we-you”), the first tuition-free, global, online higher education institution designed to provide comprehensive course offerings and full degrees to students, today announced the signing of its initial academic leadership team. Joining WEU, which has originated the term “Education Should Be Free” (ESBF), are 10 faculty representing the positions of University President, Deans of the Schools of Medicine and Health, Education, Psychology, Engineering, Law, and Arts, and Directors of Curriculum, Education Design and Standards and Compliance. WEU executives are still in the process of recruiting a Dean for the School of Business.

“We are honored to be welcoming this top-caliber group of higher education professionals to the WEU staff,” says Curtis Pickering, WEU Co-Founder and Chairman/CEO. These individuals, established leaders and practitioners in both academia and private – sector worlds, share WEU’s dedication to transforming higher education to reflect a more inclusive, equitable environment. Among our faculty are experts in the high needs areas of STEM, differentiated learning, business entrepreneurship, management, and educational leadership who’re poised to help students achieve a solid academic education that also includes mastery of the 21st century skills employers say are crucial to success in today’s workplace.”


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