Sep 06

Tales2Go Unveils Desktop Version of Award-Winning Mobile Audio Book App

Tales2Go Inc., the leading provider of streaming audio books for kids is pleased to unveil a desktop version of its award-winning subscription service and mobile app.   Educators and students alike will now have the flexibility to access thousands of audio books and stories from leading storytellers and publishers on desktops and laptops in addition to Apple mobile devices such as iPads, iPod Touches and iPhones.

“We responded to demand from educators nationwide,” said William Weil, CEO of Tales2Go. “It became clear that schools wanted greater flexibility to subscribe to Tales2Go on laptops and desktops separate from, or in combination with Apple iOS devices, both school-owned and BYOD.”

Audiobooks are a proven pathway to getting students excited about and skilled at reading, at all reading levels, promoting vocabulary, phonemic awareness and fluency among other benefits.  In fact, a recent study showed that student achievement increases measurably when a listening component is added to reading instruction, i.e. listening is a very effective way to build vocabulary since oral language precedes written language.

While the new desktop version of Tales2Go has many of the same great features as the award-winning iOS app, such as a free 30-day trial, bookmarking and favorites, it also introduces a new advanced multivariable search capability.  Students and educators can now combine multiple criteria into one search, e.g., a less than 60 minute story for a 3-5th Grader from Recorded Books.  Multivariable search will be added to the iOS version of the service in the coming months.

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