Sep 27

GuideK12 Partners with BLEgroup to Draw the Line toward Smarter Schooling

BLEgroup logoGuideK12™ has chosen the BLEgroup to gain valuable insight on product development, pilot program implementation and district trends by leveraging the BLEgroup’s platform. And for this geovisual analytics software company, the BLEgroup can map their road to success through critical industry feedback.

GuideK12 enables education decision-makers to instantly explore and analyze school district data by adding a geographic and visual dimension to their student and community information. Together, GuideK12 and the BLEgroup are bringing this cutting-edge geovisual tool to the forefront of the education marketplace with strategic planning via education panels that offer interaction with the industry’s greatest thought leaders.

When a school district wants to reassess enrollment areas for school closings, openings or population shifts, GuideK12 allows for more transparency and better dialog with the community while allowing users to explore and understand the district, student by student, neighborhood by neighborhood. GuideK12 also allows school districts to visually explore and analyze data by location for the purpose of improving learning, forecasting, capacity planning, boundary discussions and optimizing resources. Getting this valuable tool in the right hands, however, requires industry know-how and know-who, two areas in which the BLEgroup excels.

For more about GuideK12, visit http://guidek12.com/.

For more information on the BLEGroup, visit www.blegroup.com.

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