Aug 02

World Education University Disruptive New Player in Free Online Higher Ed Movement

World LogoWorld Education University today announced itself as the newest player in the free online, global higher education movement. Unique to the space, WEU (pronounced “We You”) aims to become a   comprehensive, degree-granting institution designed to offer unprecedented access to college diplomas and a better life for the growing millions of underserved, both nationally and around the globe.

New Hope for the Disenfranchised

Founded by seasoned entrepreneurs WEU Chairman and CEO, Curtis Pickering and President and COO, Scott Hines; WEU is committed to a vision of free, global, high-quality education for all, with the core belief that education is a human right and an educated world is a safer, wiser, and more peaceful world.  WEU offers a second chance for those to whom a higher education has been economically out of reach. It not only provides new access to historically underserved populations in high-poverty communities and developing nations, but also to the newly disenfranchised middle class who cannot afford the burden of debt associated with a university education.

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