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10 Incredible iPad Apps for Your Kids

10 Incredible iPad Apps for Your Kids

by  on AUGUST 29, 2012

You all know about iPads from Apple. They are a very much useful electronic devices which are made and were introduced by the famous Apple Inc. Basically the reason behind the introduction of iPad was that to make such a device which can serve the purpose of audios and videos related mediums. It can serve as your guide, book, movie player, audio player, periodical, web surfer and much more. You can also get some really cool gaming advantage from iPad.

The iPad apps

There are many entertaining and advantageous apps available for the iPad. If you have naughty kids which always make a lot of noise then this section will really help. We will discuss some cool iPad apps in which can engage your kids and they will not only provide you comfort, but are also good for the mental growth of your kids.


This is an incredible app for your iPad and is a great saver of time. With just one simple click you can enter a world where you will find more than 900 stories for kids. You are spared from the fatigue of searching online for hours to find a good audio book for your kids.

Highlights My First Hidden Pictures

This is another very fun loving app which individuals of every age group will enjoy, but specifically it is designed to entertain the kids. Kids need to find hidden pictures with help of clues and this surely will provide some entertaining stuff to them

First Words: Animals

This app which will fulfill the basic educational demands of your kids through this app kids will enjoy learning alphabets and knowing the names of different animals in a very interesting way and along with a lot of fun.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

A very cheerful game where your kids will enjoy playing with a monkey this is a very good medium for establishing the reflexes of your kids.  Kids will have to solve puzzles, do some fun counting and many more related stuff.

Cut the Rope

This is a very good game recommended for the children who are above four years of age. Rope cutting is to be done using mind tactics and there are perfect graphics and audio to support the overall experience.

Fish School HD

It is a good app for educational purpose. Kids will learn about letters, shapes and many other things through very easy methods.

Playtime Theater

Now this is actually very entertaining for your kids as it is basically a puppet show. It is a great fun to use and watch.

Fruit Ninja HD

Kids will love this one here your finger or thumb will serve the purpose of a blade and through that you will have to cut the falling fruits.


It is a very convenient app which will serve as a browsing medium for your kids, but don’t worry filter is used to avoid unnecessary stuff.

Interactive Alphabet

Recommended for kids who are above one year of age and is a very good way of introducing them with the letters.

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