Jul 11

YourTeacher Releases Algebra 1 iBooks Textbook for iPad


  YourTeacher (www.YourTeacher.com), a digital publisher specializing in middle school, high school and college math, is proud to announce the release of their Algebra 1 iBooks textbook for iPad, available now exclusively on the iBookstore. Algebra 1, built using iBooks Author, is the world’s first ‘Textbook with a Teacher Inside®.’ Unlike traditional textbooks, Algebra 1 features a personal math teacher built in, ready to provide the ‘heavy lifting’ instruction for every student. By ‘flipping the classroom’ so that the repetitive core instruction is done outside of class, this iBooks textbook offers teachers the freedom to focus on higher-level concepts and one-on-one instruction. “When I was a math teacher, I would start class each day by presenting the example problems from the book. Next, I would ask my students to try a few problems on their own as I wandered around the classroom to help them” states Mike Maggart, Co-Founder and Director of Education at YourTeacher. “That’s why every example problem in our entire Algebra 1 iBooks textbook is a video of me explaining the problem at a whiteboard, and every practice problem includes a complete audio explanation if the student needs it. There are many other features, but they all relate to the same idea – we take the teacher and the textbook, and we put the two together for the very first time. The bottom line is that it makes taking math and teaching math so much easier.” Find out how your school or district can unlock the power of iBooks textbooks by visiting Apple’s iBookstore and downloading a sample lesson from YourTeacher’s Algebra 1 iBooks textbook (www.itunes.com/iBookstore/).

For the complete press release, chick here.