Jun 25

The All-New ePals® Debuts at ISTE 2012

ePals Corporation, an education media company and the world’s leading safe social learning network, today announced the launch of the all-new ePals, significantly enhancing its online collaborative capabilities. ePals provides a one-stop learning solution, combining access to local, national and international classroom matching, standards-aligned projects, and private customizable group workspaces. ePals connects more than 800,000 classrooms across 200 countries and reaches over 27 million students, teachers and parents for engaging and rigorous authentic learning experiences. Projects feature top-quality content that address 21st century skills, collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking and writing aligned to state, national and international standards, including the Common Core ELA State Standards.

“Despite the advance of new media technologies, teachers everywhere remain limited in their ability to access the tools that most effectively foster 21st-century learning skills. ePals offers a new kind of social discovery network where teachers, students and mentors connect and collaborate in a safe and secure environment that motivates students and engages them in the world beyond traditional classroom boundaries. This newest version of our service reflects deep support for teachers and students as they explore how to make social media an integral part of their day-to-day learning, while promoting cross-cultural exchange, language learning and global awareness,” says ePals Chairman and CEO Miles Gilburne. “We know that collaborative learning motivates students and develops many of the critical thinking, writing and problem solving skills demanded by the 21st century workplace. At a time when innovation in education is more important than ever, our new offering sets a new standard for safe meaningful collaborative learning both during and after school hours.”

For more information about the ePals Global Learning Network, visit www.epals.com.

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