Jun 25

KIPP Academy ‘Flips the 8th Grade Math Classroom’ using YourTeacher on the iPad

YourTeacher (www.YourTeacher.com), a leading provider of online and app-based math tutoring and test prep in the consumer market, and KIPP Academy, one of the nation’s leader charter school systems, today announced impressive results for the 8th grade ‘flipped classroom’ pilot study using YourTeacher’s Algebra 1 iBook on the iPad.

From February through May 2012, several classrooms of 8th grade math students at KIPP Academy in Houston incorporated YourTeacher’s Algebra 1 iBook on the iPad as a replacement for significant portions of their traditional Algebra 1 textbook.  80% of the iPad usage was outside of the classroom, providing the core math instruction in a ‘flipped classroom’ model, thereby allowing the teachers to focus class time on higher-level instruction and one-on-one help.  The students from the ‘flipped classrooms’ then took the KIPP Spring Common Assessment Test, and their results were compared with the results of a control group of KIPP Academy 8th grade math students who did not have access to the iPads.

Overall, the percentage of students who rated either proficient or advanced (the ‘passing’ rate) was 49% percent higher in the ‘flipped classrooms’ using the iPads than the traditional classrooms with no iPads.  The difference was most pronounced in the percentage of students rated as ‘advanced,’ which was 150% higher in the ‘flipped classrooms.’  Also worthy of note is that nearly all of the students in both the experimental group and the control group were economically disadvantaged, suggesting that the ‘flipped classroom’ model with YourTeacher’s math iBooks on the iPad can provide significant benefits for even the most at-risk student populations.

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