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9 Apps to Keep your Kids Reading This Summer

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June 12, 2012 by 


Goodbye school, hello summer! Many parents want ideas for helping their child retain and improve important reading skills during the time away from school. Keeping your child interested in reading, honing the skills he or she has developed during the school year, can give your child a head start for Fall.

With apps designed specifically for kids, learning can be fun, too. If you are looking for ways to keep your kids busy in the car or on rainy days, look no further than these creative uses of technology. Not only will they entertain your child, but–more importantly–they can help him or her improve reading skills.

1. Bookster:  Keeping your kids interested in reading is easier when you can offer them a
wide selection of stories. Bookster helps kids find new books with helpful narration from other children.

2.  Tales2Go:  This app won a Parents’ Choice Gold Award, and it streams on-demand
access to over 1,000 stories. You can find stories your little bookworms will love by sorting on age, genre and more.

3.  Kidztory:  This company offers a selection of children’s classics as iPhone and
iPad apps. Examples include “Chicken Little,” “Goldilocks and The Three Bears,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” and “The Three Little Pigs.”

4.  PlayTales:  This app offers flip-book usability, animation and sound to add a touch of magic to books. Its multilingual platform offers an easy star voting system so children can rate their favorite stories.

5.  A Story Before Bed:  The fun of bedtime stories can happen anywhere with this useful app. Parents can record video of story time for their child to watch again later. There are over 300 stories in the app’s library that offer an interactive read-along experience.

6.  Tikatok StorySpark:  Developed by Barnes & Noble, this app lets your kids write and illustrate their own books. Once they’ve penned their masterpieces, books are “published” under a pen name and posted on the app’s website.

7.  MeeGenius:  Parents can highlight words for review, and MeeGenius will play them
back to help your child learn. Your child can even substitute his or her name for that of a favorite character with the app’s personalization feature.

8.  Bumblebee Touchbook:  This app helps toddlers learn to read by animating and narrating words as they are touched.  It reinforces words by sight and sound, while
keeping your tot engaged.

9.  Start With a Book:  While not technically an app itself, this summer “microsite” by WETA’s Reading Rockets lists apps along with websites, book, tips, and more for more than twenty different “Summer Themes.” Children can explore topics–such as Art, Dinosaurs, Our Green World, and Time Travel–and parents gain a wealth of tools to help foster a passion for reading.

Have I left any apps out that your kids enjoy using? Please share your favorite reading apps for kids in the comments section below.