May 02

GuideK12 chosen as 1 of SIIA’s 10 most Innovative Companies in Education

SIIA Innovation Incubator Touts Product’s Ability to Visualize Planning Scenarios

May 2, 2012 Eagan, MN – GuideK12™ has been selected by the Software & Information Industry
Association, [SIIA] as one of ten “most innovative education technology products and services” for their
Innovation Incubator program, an initiative that raises awareness of the most innovative ed tech
products and services in the marketplace. GuideK12 will be showcased at the ED TECH Industry Summit:
Bridging K-12 & Postsecondary in San Francisco from May 6–8.

GuideK12 offers a unique, next-gen Geovisual Analytic Tool for strategic planning that can be applied to
anything from school boundary analysis to creating what-if scenarios.
This web-based application provides instant access to pertinent information for more effective
management of critical school district resources. Decision-makers can view information spatially,
conduct more accurate analyses and improve community communication. A key differentiator is that it
links student information to property level data and then visualizes it in an easy-to-use, interactive tool.
GuideK12 provides insight traditionally reserved for demographers and puts it at the fingertips of district

“We’re thrilled to be chosen as one of the most innovative education technology products,” says
GuideK12’s President, Kevin Nieuwsma “Geovisual Analytics is an emerging field. By adding the
geographic dimension to student information, we add a new piece to the puzzle that has been missing.
It empowers superintendents and other decision-makers to get immediate answers to critical what-if
questions on boundary assessments, resource planning and school choice trends. These scenarios can
be run in minutes, not weeks.”eventy-three applicants were assessed for the Innovation Incubator program on a broad range of criteria, including the education focus; end user impact and market need for the innovation,
representation of K-12/postsecondary market levels, and the level of originality and innovation.
“Our finalists have developed innovative solutions that truly address the changing needs of K-20
students, educators, and administrators,” said Karen Billings, vice president of SIIA’s Education Division.
Anytime a school district reassesses enrollment areas for school closings, openings or population shifts,
it can be a highly controversial topic within the community. GuideK12 allows for more transparency with
the community and better dialogue throughout the process. “This is where GuideK12 excels, because it
gives administrators the information they need to make critical decisions quickly and accurately,”
Nieuwsma explains. “Users can set a filter and slice the data for grade levels, school choice, ethnicity,
gender, special programs, free/reduced fee status, ELLs and more.”
The technology engine was developed originally for the US Census Bureau. A team of education and
technology experts pooled their expertise to customize the actual GuideK12 application for the unique
needs of the education market. Additionally, GuideK12 can scale from a small school district to a large
district to state departments of education.
Dr. Larry Nybladh, superintendent of a 7,000-student school district in North Dakota, touts GuideK12’s
ability to help with realignment of school boundaries, reporting, “Drag a line and boom. (GuideK12 is)
point-and-click technology that shows changes in real-time. We can see what the effects of a decision
might be immediately, rather than making a decision and waiting to see its consequences.”

About GuideK12:
GuideK12 LLC is based in Eagan, MN, just outside of St.Paul/Minneapolis. As the only Geovisual Analytics
company serving the education market, the company offers a unique, next-gen strategic planning system
and serves large metro, suburban and rural school districts throughout the United States. GuideK12 is a
Platinum Group Holdings II Portfolio company. bout SIIA:
The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) is the principal trade association for the software
and digital content industry. SIIA provides global services in government relations, business development,
corporate education and intellectual property protection to more than 500 leading software and
information companies. The SIIA Education Division serves and represents more than 150 member
companies that provide software, digital content and other technologies that address educational needs.
The Division shapes and supports the industry by providing leadership, advocacy, business development
opportunities and critical market information