May 25

Alabama Elementary School finds observe4success Classroom Observation Software “So Easy To Use!”

logoSusan White, Principal of Pearl Haskew Elementary School in the Mobile, Alabama area is honest about one of her biggest weaknesses. “I am not very tech savvy, but observe4success is so easy to use. I’m convinced that if I can do it, anyone can!” says White.

Classroom observation software is often talked about using terms such as “cumbersome” or “difficult”, the process is even sometimes “dreaded”. observe4success changes this perception with its simple, user-friendly software system that makes the process of getting into the classroom and providing teachers with feedback about their observation easy, simple, and even fun!

White appreciates that she can use the software on her iPad and finds great value in the format which allows her to spend more time observing and entering data and less time actually writing notes.  Her teachers have enjoyed observe4success as well. White says, “My teachers love the instant feedback that the software provides! I email the observation form to my teacher before I leave the classroom, sometimes I can hear the “ding” of a new email arriving at their computer before I walk out the door!”

Considered one of the best classroom walkthrough software packages available today, observe4success melds the benefits of technology, research-based content, and graphic reports to create an easy to use system. This offers educators and administrators the clearest means of recording and using data to support and improve the teaching process.

Developed by educators for educators, observe4success started as a grassroots effort to capture and systemically report the essence of classroom culture and instructional practice so that administrators and peer observers could easily grasp classroom characteristics. With observation data collected, stored, and sorted, administrators and teacher work together to identify strengths to build on and weaknesses to address. As current research encourages continuous improvement to support instructional practices while implementing exemplary teaching practices, observe4success offers the tools to make these efforts seamless.

The data tracking also keeps Principal White and her administrative team accountable to their board, parents, and supervisors. observe4success tracks the date, time, duration, and observer every time she completes an observation.

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